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Nastya Poleva & "Nastya" Band


Nastya Poleva female composer and singer, has been a faithful member of the Rock-Club in Ekaterinburg since it was founded in 1986, along with "Urphin Juice", "Nautilus Pompilius", "Chaif"and etc. It were Yegor Belkin and Alexander Pantykin ("Urphin Juice", who contributed a lot to the first Nastya's album "TATSU", recorded in 1987 at the studio by the Ural State University. The band's formation process was complete by the year of 1989, so that "Nastya" Band could start the tour, playing around the country and abroad. 1989 was the year when the second album, the last vynil record "Noa Noa" was done at Sverdlovsk's "NP" studio. With the impetus given, the band participated in various fests, and rock-about-events. At that time live concert were the only option for musicians to share the music with their audience, and 1989- 1992 was the most intense tour time for all known rock-bands and for "Nastya" Band as well. 1992-1993 they took part in several European festivals in Holland, Germany and etc., the time between the tours was spent in the new Sverdlovsk studio "Studio 8", where their next album "The Bride" was recorded. In 1992 Nastya Poleva moved to St.- Petersburg, where she kept to perform with Sverdlovsk musicians. By the end of 1994 the album "The Dance On Tiptoes" was finished, it contained covers of Boris Grebenshikov, Juri Shevchuk, Vladimir Shakhrin, "Agathe Christie" and others. Due to it's music videos, broadcasted by Russian (yet state) television, the music of "Nastya" Band became known by mainstream audience all over the country.

Аквариум I Борис Гребенщиков I БГ

Официальная страница Бориса Гребенщикова


Saint Petersburg, Russia
Mihail "Anticvar" Antipov - a poet and musician. The latest reincarnation occurred in Balashikha.
And then picked up a stick, put the guitar in the trunk and the rainbow came out of the door ...
Currently living in St. Petersburg.

Магелланово Облако

Moscow, Russia
Песни «Магелланово Облако» — это яркие мелодии и тонкая лирика на стыке indie, rock, folk. Сами музыканты определяют свой музыкальный стиль как cardiowave. Музыкальные критики проводят аналогии между группами «Магелланово Облако» и «Аквариум», манеру пения лидера группы Сергея Дворецкого сравнивают с вокалом Antony Hegarty («Antony and the Johnsons»), а также обнаруживают схожесть в симфонизме с «Electric Light Orchestra».

Группа входит в состав лейбла Cardiowave.

Vassily K.


Проект ХБ

Moscow, Russia
Проект ХБ: Павел Фахртдинов, Алексей Вдовин, Макс Демидов + Plotnik82

Несколько лет назад два отдельных самодостаточных автора, выступающие сольно по всей стране, вдруг почему-то взяли в руки электро- и бас-гитары и начали петь и играть песни друг друга, и не только друг друга, и даже иногда друг без друга, и к этому прекрасному безумию присоединился один из мощнейших барабанщиков Москвы.
А теперь с ними будет наводить шороху новый участник — Дмитрий Дубров (Plotnik82), отвечающий за всю электронную составляющую проекта.

Instagram: @xbproject

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Алексей Вдовин
Дмитрий Дубров
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